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Indonesia Java International Destination

Java Indonesia International Destination

I was not an expert in English writing. But
in Indonesia Java International Destination requires writing in
English language and that too should also berjumlahkan least 400 characters. To
that I was trying to write in Indonesian and then
translated into English language through google translate service. So if there is
errors in the sense, understanding, grammar, vocabulary, and other - other
is the responsibility of google translate. And I apologize for the registration --
magnitude if this happens. What is important is the business ...

In the event

Java Indonesia International Destination I am more
focuses on the place where the religi.Yaitu nuanced purposes Mosque
Great Central Java, or usually called simply MAJT.

MAJT is nuanced religious destination, presenting the beauty
building a mosque. Another specialty is the 99-high tower
meters, the tower known as the tower is located in the alhusna MAJT Ave. Gayah
Kingdom City Loenpia.


short description of the beauty MAJT is when entering
MAJT area before the gate there is the beauty of the pool, in the pool
There is also a small fish - small, and the ir fountain and calligraphy. After
gerbangpun through the door you are shown the beauty of the pond. Right
headed into the front parking area there is a large courtyard. On page
There is a plaque dedication MAJT signed by the President

Oh ... yes at the end of the tour there alhusna tower telescope, through binoculars
This we can see the beloved loenpia beautiful city. In the tower alhusna
There is also an inn and radio station "dais".

parking area there are 2 places, namely on the outer courtyard and basement MAJT
MAJT land. I suggest, for users of personal vehicles should be parked
area of the basement, so more comfortable and safer.


visualization can
viewed through pictures - pictures on the webblog
hard and
blogger playnya
people - people who are hard on these webblog

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